Dataset: Austria: Referendum on the Accession to the European Union 1994


<p><b>Date of referendum:</b> 12 June 1994</p>

<p>On 12 June 1994 a referendum was held on Austrian membership in the European Union. That is, the people were asked whether the Nationalrat would be allowed to amend the Austrian constitution in order to fit with the requirements of EU membership. Since these changes were considered to amount to a ‘total revision’ (Gesarntiinderung) of the constitution, the referendum was constitutionally required. The governing parties (SPÖ, ÖVP) took a clear positive stand towards Austrian EU membership, while FPÖ and the Greens (Grüne) campaigned against EU membership.</p>

<p>Participation in the referendum was 82.35 % and was considered very high; 4,768,401 votes were cast, of which 4,724,831 were valid (81,80%). Of the valid votes, 66.58 % approved of the constitutional amendment and membership in the EU. 33.4 % voted ‘no’.</p>

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Austria: Referendum on the Accession to the European Union 1994

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Austria: Referendum on the Accession to the European Union 1994

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Norwegian Social Science Data Services NSD


Date: 2009-03-19

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Norwegian Social Science Data Services  (NSD)

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Data was accessed by gemeinden (NUTS 5). Aggregation has been compiled by the NSD.

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<p>Data was provided by Robert Stein at the BM.I (Bundesministrium für Inneres), 03.08.05.</p>
<p>Bundesministerium für Inneres: <a target="_blank" href=""></a></p>;


Abroad votes: Available on national levels.

NUTS structure and electoral units: Election results are reported for 2381 municipalities, which correspond to the NUTS 5 statistical regions aggragated into the 35 NUTS 3 units. There have been slight changes of the gemeinden/municipality (NUTS 5) structure (see "unit of analysis").

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