Dataset: Cyprus: Presidential Election 1998



   <li>George Iacovou&nbsp;</li>
   <li>Glafkos Klerides (DISY)</li>
   <li>Vasos Lyssarides (EDEK)</li>
   <li>Alexis Galanos</li>
   <li>George Vassiliou (KED)</li>
   <li>Nicolas Koutsou</li>
   <li>Nicos Rolandis&nbsp; </li>

Full Title

Cyprus: Presidential Election 1998

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Topic Classification

Geographic Coverage

Cyprus (NUTS 1, NUTS 2, NUTS 3)

Kind of Data

Aggregate data

Mode of Data Collection

Copied/downloaded election statistics

Data Sources

<p>Cyprus Web Portal: <a target="_blank" href=""></a></p>;


NUTS-level 1, 2 and 3  correspond to the country level.

Availability Status

Data is available free of charge.

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