Dataset: France: Parliamentary Election 1993-2007


<p>Measures: Seats in Parliament; Votes %; Votes N.</p>
<p>Regional level data for 2007 presently not available.</p>
<p>Results for round 1.</p>

<h4>Party abbreviations:</h4>
<li>UMP - Union for a Popular Movement (Union pour un mouvement populaire) </li>
<li>PCF - French Communist Party (Parti communiste français) </li>
<li>PS - Socialist Party (Parti socialiste)</li>
<li>PRG - Left Radical Party (Parti radical de gauche)</li>
<li>UDF - Union for French Democracy (Union pour la Démocratie Française)</li>
<li>RPR - Rally for the Republic (Rassemblement pour la République)</li>
<li>FN - National Front (Front National)</li>
<li>MoDem - Democratic Movement (Mouvement démocrate)</li>
<li>Maj - Candidates supporting the parliamentary majority and governement</li>
<li>DivD - Miscellaneous Right-wing (Divers droite)</li>
<li>Verts - The Greens (Les Verts)</li>
<li>GE++ - Ecology Generation (Génération Écologie) + green and ecologist candidates</li>
<li>DivG - Miscellaneous Left-wing (Divers gauche)</li>
<li>LCR - Revolutionary Communist League (Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire)</li>
<li>Reg - Regionalists (Régionaliste)</li>
<li>DivEG - Miscellaneous extreme left-wing (Divers extrême gauche)</li>
<li>DivED - Miscellaneous extreme right-wing (Divers extrême droite) </li>
<li>Div - Miscellaneous (Diverse)</li>
<li>REEP - Republican Pole (Pôle Republicain)</li>
<li>LO - Worker's Struggle (Lutte Ouvrière)</li>
<li>DivEco - Miscellaneous Ecologist (Divers écologiste)</li>
<li>MNR - National Republican Movement (Mouvement National Républicain)</li>
<li>MPF - Movement for France (Mouvement pour la France)</li>
<li>DL - Liberal Democracy (Démocratie Libérale)</li>
<li>RPF - Rally for France (Rassemblement pour la France)</li>
<li>NC - New Centre (Nouveau centre) - under 'Majorité présidentielle' banner</li>
<li>CPNT - Hunting, Fishing, Nature, Traditions (Chasse, pêche, nature, traditions)</li>

Full Title

France: Parliamentary Election 1993-2007

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Date: 2009-04-01

Geographic Unit


Unit of Analysis

Statistical/administrative unit

Kind of Data

Aggregate data

Data Collector

Norwegian Social Science Data Services  (NSD)

Mode of Data Collection

National statistics

Data Sources

<p>Ministry of the Interior: <a target="_blank" href="">Election results</a></p>

<p>Inter-Parliamentary Union: <a target="_blank" href="">PARLINE database
 on national parliaments</a></p>


1993 and 1997:  Verts includes various green and ecologist candidates.

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Data is available free of charge

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