Dataset: Ireland: European Parliament Election 1994



Election results, Ireland: European Parliament Election 1994

Political parties represented in the election:

Fianna Fáil - Fianna Fáil - The Republican Party (Fianna Fáil - An Páirtí Poblachtánach)
Fine Gael - Fine Gael - The United Ireland Party
Labour Party - (Páirtí an Lucht Oibre)
Green Party - (Comhaontas Glas)
ProgDem - Progressive Democrats (An Páirtí Daonlathach)
DemLeft - Democratic Left
Sinn Féin
Worker's Party - (Páirtí na nOibrithe)
Other - Other parties and independent candidates

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Ireland: European Parliament Election 1994

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Norwegian Social Science Data Services NSD

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Ireland  (IE)

Geographic Coverage

Ireland,  (Electoral districts/Constituencies) for the European Parliament election 1999:

Connaught Ulster

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Electoral districts/Constituencies

Unit of Analysis

Statistical/administrative unit

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Aggregate data

Data Collector

Norwegian Social Science Data Services  (NSD)

Mode of Data Collection

Data was downloaded on electoral district level.

Data Sources

1998-2007 Christopher Took & Seán Donnelly:


Abroad votes: Not available

Errors: No

Note :
The STV electoral system makes this type of simplified table of election results disputable due to the preferential ballot. Here, only parties ranked as number 1 on the ballot is reported.

The electoral districts used for EP elections do not correspondt to the NUTS structure.

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Data is available free of charge

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