Dataset: Ireland: Parliamentary Election 2011


<p><b>Date of election</b>: 25 February 2011</p>

<h4>Political parties represented in the election:</h4>
<li>FG - Fine Gael</li>
<li>LP - Labour</li>
<li>FF - Fianna Fail</li>
<li>SF - Sinn Fein</li>
<li>GP - Green/Comhaontas Glas</li>
<li>SP - Socialist</li>
<li>NV - Non Party/New Vision</li>  
<li>PBP - People Before Profit Alliance</li>
<li>SKIA - South Kerry Independent Alliance</li>
<li>WP - Workers'</li>
<li>UL - United Left Alliance</li>
<li>CS - Comhar Criostai/Christian Solidarity</li>
<li>PC - Non Party/An Chomhdhail Phobail | People's Convention</li>
<li>FN - Non Party/Fis Nua</li>
<li>Ind - Non party/Independent</li>


Full Title

Ireland: Parliamentary Election 2011

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Name Affiliation Abbreviation Role
Norwegian Social Science Data Services NSD


Date: 2009-04-01

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Ireland  (IE)

Geographic Coverage

Carlow Kilkenny
Cavan Monaghan
Cork East
Cork North Central
Cork North West
Cork South Central
Cork South West
Donegal North East
Donegal South West
Dublin Central
Dublin Mid West
Dublin North
Dublin North Central
Dublin North East
Dublin North West
Dublin South
Dublin South Central
Dublin South East
Dublin South West
Dublin West
Dun Laoghaire
Galway East
Galway West
Kerry North Limerick West
Kerry South
Kildare North
Kildare South
Laoighis Offaly
Limerick City
Longford Westmeath
Meath East
Meath West
Roscommon Leitrim South
Sligo Leitrim North
Tipperary North
Tipperary South

Geographic Unit


Unit of Analysis

Statistical/administrative unit

Kind of Data

Aggregate data

Data Collector

Norwegian Social Science Data Services  (NSD)

Mode of Data Collection

Data was downloaded on electoral district level.

Data Sources

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The STV electoral system make this type of simplified table of election results disputable due to the preferential ballot. Here, only first preference votes are reported.

The NUTS structure and electoral units:  
The data is reported according to the 2007 Constituency Review of the electoral districts. These do not correspond to the NUTS-structure.

2007 Constituency Review Summary

On 26 April 2007 the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government made an order to establish a Constituency Commission to review Dáil and European constituencies. The Commission was required to report to the Chairman of the Dáil by 26 October 2007.

The Commission submitted its report to the Chairman of Dáil Éireann on 23 October 2007. The main recommendations were that Louth and Dublin West should each gain a seat, and Dun Laoghire and Limerick East should each lose a seat. While it was proposed to rename some constituencies, the total number remained at 43, largely similar to the pre-2007 areas. The most significant changes affected the Kerry/Limerick and Louth/Meath areas. It was proposed to rename Limerick East as Limerick City; Limerick West as Limerick; and Kerry North as Kerry North Limerick West. In all, changes were proposed to 24 constituencies.

Effects on the 2011 election (number of seats given in brackets):

Limerick East (5) replaced by Limerick City (4)
Limerick West (3) replaced by Limerick (3)
Kerry North (3) replaced by Kerry North–West Limerick (3)
Dublin West (from 3 to 4)
Dún Laoghaire (from 5 to 4)
Louth (from 4 to 5)

Boundary changes were also made in twenty other constituencies.

NOTE: one of the seats in Louth was automatically returned to the Speaker (Seamus Kirk of FF). Counted as an independent seat.

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Data is available free of charge

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