Dataset: Slovakia: Parliamentary Election 1994



Election results, Slovakia: Parliamentary Election 1994

Parties represented in the election:

HZDS-RSS - Movement for a Democratic Slovakia and Peasants' Party of Slovakia (Hnutie za demokratické Slovensko a Rolnícka strana Slovenska)
SP.VOL'BA - Common Choice Coalition of SDL, SDSS, SZS, HP SR (Spolocná volba-koalícia SDL, SDSS, SZS, HP SR)
MK - Hungarian Coalition (MKDH, ESWS, MOS) (Madarská koalícia (MKDH, ESWS, MOS))
KDH - Christian Democratic Movement (Krestanskodemokratické hnutie)
DÚS - Democratic Union of Slovakia (Demokratická únia Slovenska)
ZRS  - Association of Workers of Slovakia (Združenie robotníkov Slovenska)
SNS  - Slovak National Party (Slovenská národná strana)
DS - Democratic Party (Demokratická strana)
KSS  - Communist Party of Slovakia (Komunistická strana Slovenska)
KSÚ - Christian Social Union of Slovakia (Krestanská sociálna únia Slovenska)
Other - Other parties (less than 2.0% of total vote)

Included in the 'other' category (less than 1.0% of total vote):

NS - New Slovakia (Nové Slovensko)
SPK - The Party against Corruption, for Order, Labour and Money for all Decent Citizens (Strana proti korupcii, za poriadok, prácu a peniaze pre všetkých slušných obcanov)
HZPCS - Movement for a Prosperious Czechia and Slovakia (Hnutie za prosperujúce Cesko v Slovensko)
ROISR - Roma Civic Initiative of the Slovak Republic (Rómska obcianska iniciatíva SR)
SD - Social Democracy (Sociálna demokracia)
RSDSS - Real Social Democratic Party of Slovakia (Reálna sociálnodemokratická strana Slovákov)
ZPR-REP - Association for the Republic - Republicans (Združenie pre republiku Republikáni)

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Slovakia: Parliamentary Election 1994

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Norwegian Social Science Data Services NSD


Date: 2009-04-01

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1994 1994


Slovakia  (SK)

Geographic Coverage

Slovakia (NUTS 1, NUTS 2) - pre-1998 configuration of electoral districts:

SK01 Bratislavsky kraj
SK02 Zapadne Slovensko
SK03 Stredne Slovensko
SK04 Vychodne Slovensko

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Statistical/administrative unit

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Aggregate data

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Norwegian Social Science Data Services  (NSD)

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Data was donwloaded at NUTS 2 level. Aggregation was compiled by NSD.

Data Sources

Statistical Office of the Slovak Republik:

Additional information regarding electorate, votes and valid votes was provided by Vladimír Cicmanec ( at the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic by e-mail, 04.08.05.


NUTS structure and electoral units: For electoral purposes, Slovakia was (before 1998) divided into four electoral districts:

   Bratislavsky kraj (Bratislava)
   Zapadne Slovensko (West-Slovakia)
   Stredne Slovensko (Mid-Slovakia and)
   Vychodne Slovensko (East-Slovakia)
The districts correspond to todays NUTS 2 structure. Lower level results are not available.

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Data is available free of charge

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