Dataset: Slovakia: Parliamentary Election 2006



Election results, Slovakia: Parliamentary Election 2006

Parties represented in the election:

SMER - Direction (SMER)
SDKÚ-DS - Slovak Democratic and Christian Union - Democratic Party  (Slovenská demokratická a krestanská únia - Demokratická strana)
SMK-MKP  - Party of the Hungarian Coalition (Strana madarskej koalície - Magyar Koalíció Pártja)
SNS  - Slovak National Party (Slovenská národná strana)
LS-HZDS - People's Party - Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (Ludová strana - Hnutie za demokratické Slovensko)
KDH - Christian Democratic Movement (Krestanskodemokratické hnutie)
KSS  - Communist Party of Slovakia (Komunistická strana Slovenska)
SF - Free Forum (Slobodné fórum)
ANO - Alliance of New Citizens (Aliancia nového obcana)
Other - Other parties (less than 1.0% of total vote)

Included in the 'other' category (less than 1.0% of total vote):

HZD - Movement for Democracy (Hnutie za demokraciu)
NÁDEJ - Hope (Nádej)
LB - Left Bloc (Lavicový blok)
ZRS  - Association of Workers of Slovakia (Združenie robotníkov Slovenska)
OKS - Civic Conservative Party (Obcianska konzervatívna strana)
SLNKO -  (Slovenská národná koalícia - Slovenská vzájomnost)
SLS  - Slovak People's Party (Slovenská ludová strana)
ASV -  (Agrárna strana vidieka)
PS -  (Prosperita Slovenska)
SDL - Party of the Democratic Left (Strana demokratickej lavice)
Misia 21 -  (Misia 21 - Nová krestanská demokracia)
SOS -  (Strana obcianskej solidarity)

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Slovakia: Parliamentary Election 2006

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Norwegian Social Science Data Services NSD


Date: 2009-04-01

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1994 1994


Slovakia  (SK)

Geographic Coverage

Slovakia (NUTS 1, NUTS 2, NUTS 3) - 2007 version of NUTS configurations:

SK01 Bratislavský kraj
SK010 Bratislavský kraj
SK02 Západné Slovensko
SK021 Trnavský kraj
SK022 Trenciansky kraj
SK023 Nitriansky kraj
SK03 Stredné Slovensko
SK031 Zilinský kraj
SK032 Banskobystrický kraj
SK04 Východné Slovensko
SK041 Presovský kraj
SK042 Kosický kraj
SKZ EXTRA-REGIO (Abroad votes, postal votes)
SKZZ Extra-Regio
SKZZZ Extra-Regio

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Statistical/administrative unit

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Aggregate data

Data Collector

Norwegian Social Science Data Services  (NSD)

Mode of Data Collection

Data was donwloaded at NUTS 4 level. Aggregation was compiled by NSD.

Data Sources

Statistical Office of the Slovak Republik:


NUTS structure and electoral units: For electoral purposes, Slovakia is (since 1998) one, national electoral district. However, election results are counted at district levels, thus making it possible to develop lower aggregated election statistics.

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Data is available free of charge

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